Sunday’s with Skin Inc

I’ve been on a skincare kick lately. From serums to creams – I’ve been testing it all! Last month I wrote about my love for Sunday Riley’s C.E.O. C + E antiOXIDANT Protect + Repair Moisturizer and this week I’ll be chatting about my latest obsession – Skin Inc’s ‘My Daily Dose Wonder Serums’. The duo was released a few months ago and has been a hit in my skincare arsenal. Both serums serve different purposes, but essentially were made to give you the best, possible skin.

The ‘My Daily Dose®  of Vitamins ABC+’  is best for detoxifying your skin from impurities caused by harsh environmental factors, drinking, etc. If your skin’s a bit unbalanced, more acne-prone and dull, use 1-2 drops and pat (or mix a few drops with your favorite moisturizer) before bed. I tend to use this at night after a few drinks or any type of makeup application to prevent a breakout. ‘My Daily Dose®  of Glow to Illuminate and Brighten’, on the other hand, is the one I use more often. I’m constantly dealing with dark spots and uneven skin, so this adds the hydration and brightening I need before I head out. I’m all about less is more, especially with makeup, so anything that helps me achieve clearer skin is usually a hit in my book.

The downside of the product is the sticky formula, but once it’s applied, it completely dries leaving no weird residue.

Adding a serum to my daily skincare routine is something that I’ve only started doing as of recently – and my skin has been thanking me!

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