Be Curious with Martell Blue Swift

What? Did you think that with the name the Beautender, I wouldn’t include cocktails into the mix?! I’m happy to announce a new content section that will fall under my Lifestyle section. Not only will I be bringing you the latest in the fashion and beauty scope, but I’ll also be sharing  the current things I’m coveting in the lifestyle space. Whether it’s cocktails, places to dine or the latest wellness app, I’ve got you covered.

Starting off, I’ll be sharing a quick and simple Spiked Apple Cider cocktail using Martell Blue Swift for their #BeCurious campaign that will have you craving fall! Mix 1 oz of Martell Blue Swift VSOP finished in Bourbon Barrels, 1 oz of apple cider and a few ice cubes, for a cold and refreshing cocktail that will give your party guests that liquid courage they’re looking for! Garnish it with an orange wedge and a cinnamon stick.

This post was in partnership with Martell Blue Swift. All opinions are my own. (Pls drink responsibly.)


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